She’s bigger than school


Katherine should be starting school tomorrow. 3rd grade. One of her sisters is a high school senior, and the other a sophomore in college. This countdown is sobering… We’ve seen it in mourning family posts a hundred times in this one week alone. 
So, I got my sad pictures ready. Kindergarten… all smiles. 1st grade… sadness. Thank you steroids. No 2nd grade. No 3rd grade. An empty doorway. An empty walkway. An empty space. Death. How could I let this happen? I kept thinking, with my head hung low… 
But then I realized something… Something I haven’t shared with you all. And that’s where she truly is, and what she is actually doing. How she’s not only a cancer fighter, and tumor donee, she’s a teacher, a traveler, a successful plot twist to a horrible outcome, a wise and knowledgeable force to be reckoned with and studied throughout the world, by those with the bright minds to understand her message. She’s a juggernaut in the pediatric science world, and we are light years away from her amazing grace. She’s a cure. 
As September goes along, I’m going to bring you into Katherine’s new world. Her fight. I’m going to beg you to change your profile into her picture and share her story to encourage you. You’re going to learn things, cool things, as I learn them, and as she’s already mastered them.
Thank you for coming with me. We start tomorrow.

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