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My best friends son.

My best friends son. 😔💛🎗
Pediatric cancer is not rare.

Let’s do something about it.
September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month and we have so much work to do. Our children deserve our awareness and our action. So that’s what we’re going to do. Over this next month and beyond, we are going to share the stories of some of our brave warriors and heroes who teach us to fight hard and never give up.
—> https://unravelpediatriccancer.org/notrare/
“Aidan WAS a very active boy. He played just about every sport you could think of. If he wasn’t watching a sporting event or playing himself he was constantly outside riding his scooter, building forts in the backyard, or shooting hoops with his best friend. He loved school. He had only missed one day of school from Kindergarten to the fifth grade. He loves his friends but he also loves to converse with adults. He would be invited to kids’ parties because he was “friends” with the mom. (Lol) He is bright and has a memory like an elephant. He loves practical jokes and has the most amazing sense of humor. He also loves to travel! Because of the tumor on his spine, Aidan is now paralyzed. He can no longer play sports, he has not been to school in a year, and instead of being outside, he is stuck indoors playing video games or watching tv. He struggles with the fact that he cannot walk. He was paralyzed from the neck down and once the tumor was removed he has gained some mobility on the right side. He cannot control his bladder so I have to use a catheter to drain his urine. He has had some incredibly embarrassing moments because of the bladder function loss, and has found humor to get him through. There are a lot of uncomfortable moments and together we try to focus on what he does have verses what he doesn’t. From the date of diagnosis, I left my job. I am a single mother and so there is absolutely no other person providing an income to support Aidan and me. We have to rely on donations from family and friends and even people we have never met. I will start working again soon, but am only able to earn 150% below poverty level. So, that is obviously not enough, but to me it is better than nothing. The reason for this is Aidan is able to be on Medi-Cal, which covers much more than his other two insurance policies. Yes, even with two insurance policies, the bills would be more than I even make in a year. Right now, he is working hard in physical therapy. Hopefully he will be able to get back into school in the next month or two. I will work in between caring for him. I am very proud to be his mom. He has dealt with this cancer diagnosis and being stripped of the life he knew with a lot of strength, mentally and physically, and laughs and makes me laugh on a daily basis.”
Fighting for Aidan