I’m feeling much better.

I write speeches and I’m reminded that even if I feel alone in my battle for my daughter, I have support. Out there. I just have to keep writing. And make everyone everywhere believe how important this still is. 
Valencia Go Gold Football Game
“At six years old, after what seemed like months of doctor visits, trying to figure out why our daughter Katherine was struggling to do normal things that all kids do, we took her to the hospital, and were given the awful news that Katherine had a brain stem glioma called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, or DIPG. Our 6-year-old Katherine, the baby in our family, was diagnosed with the number one killer of children in our community, and around the globe. That killer is Pediatric Cancer. Throughout her illness, out Katherine had a smile that would light up a room, and she would greet you with a strong hug and bid you farewell with a stronger hug, waving goodbye, saying, “Loves and Kisses” and “See you next time!” She wanted others to know that she was happy to see them, and would miss them. She gave hugs even when it hurt to lift her arms. She cared for others to the very end. Katherine passed away, in our arms, on June 6th of last year. A light was lost that day. A very bright light. Many of us know cancer. Cancer affects all of us in some form. When we are affected by a cancer diagnosis the fight to get rid of it begins. However, some cancers have no fight. Sometimes with cancer you are sent home and there is no hope. And sometimes, and more frequently, that is happening to small children, all around us and like our Katherine. September is Pediatric Cancer awareness month. It’s the month we get to say, “This is NOT OK” and, “We will not stand by and watch this happen to our kids.” We wear gold tonight to show our support for the many children out there that are fighting to live every day, and for those that could not fight and were sent home like Katherine. We wear gold tonight, and support these children to spread awareness, and share in their battle, so that others know that we need more funding to save these children, and we need people to know that it isn’t always a happy ending. Sometimes its tragic, and sometimes they don’t win the fight. But they could, if more people knew, and more people supported now. We were once like everyone here. Just going about our life, and thankful for every new day with our family. Let’s give that to everyone, and stop Pediatric Cancer in its tracks! Thank you for coming tonight. Thank you from our family, David and Jaime, Katherine’s parents, from her sisters Tori and from Alissa LaShorne, who attends Valencia this year as a senior, and thank you from Katherine, our little DIPG warrior, who is now Katherine the Brave. Good luck Valencia Tigers Varsity Football team, and to everyone Loves and Kisses, See You Next Time.”​

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