Daily Archives: January 7, 2018

You know it’s a sad world when carpool karaoke with a healthy child and father, or a wife and husband, will get more likes and shares then the truth. 9.6M views… But… A daughter dying in her mother and fathers arms. Our daughter. A few thousand.

Say what you will. Judge the opinion. It’s all for not… I truly can’t sympathize. I held Katherine as she breathed her last raspy breath. Along with many other families just like ours, our dreams for our happy life died with our dead children. We didn’t get to plan a song and dance for the event. Our preparation was for the right thing to say to our dying child to stem the regret after their death. I didn’t pick a wardrobe and smile and giggle with my family and thank my bank account because I made millions fall into my social media web.

What we went through is bigger then a song and dance. It’s bigger then wigs and hand motions and lip syncing. It’s bigger then all of us. And it’s sad that “we” don’t realize that. We need to get it together. Before it’s that beautiful child singing and dancing with her Daddy in a car. Just as Katherine did with David on the way to school. Every day… Just like it was for us. Like it was her. Before it’s too late. Before it’s you.

Katherine The Brave