Daily Archives: January 16, 2018


Love lost is like a cancer that grows in and around you. It slowly seeps into every part of your body and soul, until it takes over the vital areas of your being, and eventually ends all rational existence. The life that you were so familiar and comfortable with, your well being, is gone. Your new life is a tragedy. A badly written novel, by a mad man.

We lived this… I know this pain.

Today… How quickly she could be wiped out, the slate cleaned, the name erased. I have proof that she was here though. The ache and longing in my heart, like a cancer, is all the proof I need. The pictures are my justification for my sadness to you. So that people can attempt to feel for themselves what I am feeling. I want them too. I want her to take over their existence. To seep into their souls and pull at their heart strings until it hurts so bad that they want to do something about it too.

I’m warning you though… Love loss is like a cancer. Eventually you have nothing left but the strength to cry. Just like Katherine did. And so I am…

Photo circa 2011. Katherine was almost two years old. Her favorite things were her sisters, ice cream, and her favorite cartoon Micky Mouse Club House. She was scared of the dark, and loud noises. A monster was lingering in her though. A monster much more dangerous then anything she could have found in the dark.