39,500 shares and 1,600,000 million views of a long boring video about a young healthy famous persons pregnancy.

38 (hard stop) shares and a 118 (hard stop) likes about a dead child’s tumors needing funding to save thousands of more dead children, some of which could soon be their dead children.

I’m not shaming anyone. I’m proving a point. Share away. Share all of the things that make us smile. But also share the #TRUTH. That video, and their life, is not the truth. That’s why we like it… in doses. My truth was real. I couldn’t skip past my truth on my feed. Or not share. Or pretend it wasn’t happening. Ignoring it or unfollowing it. I cried enough tears to mop a damn floor. And then I had to clean up my own damn mess. That’s the truth.

We all suffer when we pretend it’s not happening. I know you may think its easier to look away, but in the end it isn’t easier. It’s harder. For everyone. Harder for the many families such as ours tying to make a difference for all of our kids. Much harder than sharing Katherine’s story to raise awareness and open peoples eyes. Definitely not as hard as it is for me to share it day in and day out. I was there. This is nothing. And definitely not as hard as it was for her. She lived it. Until her last breath.

Our friends list, as precious and fragile as it is to us, means nothing compared to her suffering. Or the suffering of those soon to be diagnosed. Close to you. Nothing even close. Now share that…

#lit #ashamed #neverforgetkatherinethebrave #thetruthhurtsbutlieshurtourchildren #gograyinmay #katherinethebrave #katherinedeservedmorethan4 #katherinedeservedacure #Katherinewasworthmoreshares

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