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Katherine The BraveJune 6th, 2015

Today Katie King was diagnosed with Brain Stem Glioma. Prognosis is anywhere from 2months – 3years with aggressive treatment. There is no cure for this type of cancer.  

Our family would like to celebrate Katie. Give her the things that would make her smile and laugh. Katie is a vibrant 6 year old with an old soul. She enjoys tea parties, wearing her summer dresses and playing with her two big sisters. Katie also loves watching her cartoons and dressing up like the princess that she is. She  loves wearing  her tiara and showing it off with pride. Our family would love all the positive and heart warming thoughts and prayers. 

A GoFundMe page has been created to help Katie and the family cover medical expenses not covered by their insurance and anything that would help keep her comfortable and happy and to complete Katie’s Wish List.

You can fine it here: Katie King’s FUN WISHES Fund

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  1. Please contact me immediately. I have a motorhome that I’d be willing to donate for use for Katherine request to camp at the beach

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